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Frequently Asked Questions

I see you are in North Carolina, do you ship foot orthotics and orthoses outside of the state?  Yes, we provide orthotic fabrication services for orthopedic facilities, practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapists and medical professionals nationwide.  In most cases we ship using UPS.

We have an in-house technician who does our foot orthotics, what is the benefit of out-sourcing this work to you?  If you are happy with the work that your technician is doing then you may not want to send out your foot orthotic work.  However one thing that we hear over and over again is that many technicians do not have the proper experience and expertise to provide the quality of products that practitioners want for their patients.  Often this means a lot of wasted time being spent to get the orthotics to fit properly.  Because owner Will Silvers has both clinical and technical experience, he understands what goes in to the entire process.  You can count on the team at Quicksilvers to fabricate high quality products.  This means both better use of your time and happier patients!

Do you offer credit accounts?  Yes.  Please contact us for a credit application.  

How long does it take to get a custom orthotic done?  For foot orthotics, from the time we get your order and your impressions, it takes 5 to 7 business days to fabricate your custom shoe insert. For a custom orthosis, from the time we receive your order and the casting/drawings, it takes about 10 to 14 business days, depending upon the amount of work that is required.   For more information about your specific order, contact us.

Can you give a brace a special look; let’s say for a child for example?  Yes, depending upon the type orthosis we can customize the look.  In addition to different colors of leather, we can add transfers such as a child’s favorite cartoon character or sports team.  Contact us for more information.

I want to get a pair of custom foot orthotics, can I order foot inserts directly from you?    We do not take direct from consumer orders.  We only take orders from medical professionals. However, you can speak with your podiatrist, chiropractor, physician, physical therapist or other medical professional and tell him that you would like to have us to fabricate your orthotics.  They can contact us directly.